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International experience

Experience an international exchange

Meeting people from another culture and learning to spend time and interact with them is very important for your development in this globalized world. Therefore, we put at your disposal several options so that you can go on an exchange program abroad for a period ranging from a summer to a year.

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Learn or improve a language

If you wish to learn or improve a second language, you can go on a summer exchange in countries such as Italy, France, Germany, England, or Canada.


Proyectos de Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

¡Imagina llevar una clase con un profesor internacional y compartir actividades colaborativas con estudiantes de otros países!

Plataforma para profesores
Inspiring Testimonials

Many of our students have already had an experience abroad.

We share some of their testimonials with you.


“In Canada, they focus more on individual work and your learning style, with no need for homework. So, it is a new way of studying that I wasn’t used to.”

- Valeria

“Personally, the idea of visiting New Zealand always appealed to me and having this opportunity thanks to Prepa UDEM and my mother’s effort was amazing.”

- Esteban Gabriel