Preparatorias de la Universidad de Monterrey

1. Review the exchange options and schedule an appointment

Start your process by visiting the International Programs Site to learn about the existing exchange options, specific
requirements and program costs. Schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor to review your profile and see which program best suits what you are looking for and your high school programme.

If you have a scholarship…

The scholarship you currently have at Prepa UDEM is not applicable to the cost of the exchange program. You must notify the CIAA office in your Campus about your exchange and turn in your leave of absence slip in order to preserve your scholarship. You will be able to reactivate it once you return from your exchange and as long as you maintain the scholarship requirements (minimum GPA and no failed courses).

2. Create your digital application in the International Programs Site

Once you’ve made the decision about which program you want to enroll in, you must create a digital application within the International Programs Site to complete the requirements and provide the necessary documentation for your enrollment. Here, you must request authorization from your high school’s Principal in order to make your process official. Without this authorization, your enrollment in the exchange program cannot be confirmed.

3. Make the payment of the registration fee and complete the documentation

After receiving the written authorization from your high school’s Principal, the Study Abroad Advisor will contact you to give you instructions on how to make the UDEM registration fee payment. When confirming your place with the receiving agency or partner school, you must proceed to make the first payment of the cost of the exchange program.

4. Complete your visa or study permit process

When the receiving agency or partner school confirms the reception of your payment, you will receive your acceptance letter and the necessary documents to carry out the application process for your study visa or permit (depending of the program). To do this, you will need to verify the requirements directly with the corresponding consulate or embassy.

5. Attend the departure session and enjoy your international experience

To finalize your enrollment process, you will have to make the missing payments and attend the departure sessions prior to the start of your exchange program. Additionally, you must attend a meeting with the Academy Directors and the Revalidation Advisor to review the courses that you will have to take during your exchange program, and proceed to sign the Student Regulations Agreement. Upon returning from your experience abroad, make sure to turn in your obtained grades at the Revalidation Office to validate your courses.