Preparatorias de la Universidad de Monterrey

Youth Pastoral


Join our summer and winter missions. Leave your comfort zone and dedicate yourself to serving rural communities that are in greatest need of your kindness of heart, spirit, and solidarity.


Dare to experience the challenge of being yourself and part of a community in our extreme camps for men and women.


Find a place to communicate with God. Come talk to our priests or go to confession. Participate in the celebration of the Word with the ministers and always feel at home in the chapels located in all of the Prepa UDEM units.


Let’s celebrate together the most important holidays of our faith: Christmas, Advent, Lent, the Holy Week, and Easter. Likewise, let’s attend and enjoy catholic concerts. Join us and discover that in our pastoral we are all one.


Discover the ways in which the love of God expresses itself through others. Dare to live a unique weekend to celebrate and transform yourself with different activities, group activities, challenges, games, and moments of encounter.

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