Preparatorias de la Universidad de Monterrey

About the IB


The quality of our programs has been recognized nationally and internationally.

  • At the national level, we received accreditation from the Sistema Nacional de Bachillerato (SNB - National High School System).
  • At the international level, we received accreditation from the International Baccalaureate (IB) to run a new curriculum called IB Career-related Programme, in addition to the Diploma Programme (IBPD), which we have offered since 2004.

What do these accreditations mean?

They were granted after exhaustive verification of the academic and formative processes that validate the academic quality of our programs, the qualifications of our teaching staff, our international focus, our whole-person education approach, and our mentorship model to support students’ success.


  • We are the first preparatory school in Mexico to hold all three accreditations (SNB, IBPD, and CP) at the same school site.
  • We are the first high school-level institution in Latin America to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate to offer both of their preparatory school programs:
    • Diploma Programme (IBPD)
    • Career-related Programme (CP)
What is the Diploma Programme (IBPD)?

If you want to face big challenges and develop your intellectual, communicative, research, critical analysis, and argumentation skills, the Diploma Programme (IBPD) is for you.


  • A balanced curriculum.
  • High academic rigor.
  • All courses are externally assessed.
  • Recognition in admission and accreditation processes of the best universities in the world.
  • It can be selected as of the third semester.
What is the Career-related Programme (CP)?

Through the Career-related Programme (CP), you will develop specific competencies in your area of professional interest, which will guarantee a more solid process in the selection of your life and career plan.


  • Taken as of the third semester.
  • Two Diploma Programme (IBPD) courses (externally assessed by the IB).
  • Professional training studies:
    • 4 focus courses.
    • 4 preparatory bridging courses (externally assessed by a body other than Prepa UDEM).



Benefits of the CP

  • Start a new curricular program that will enable you to obtain another high school certificate. You will receive the Prepa UDEM certificate and the IB CP International certificate.
  • Access a new curricular program:
    – Multicultural Preparatory School Program with international accreditation in your area of professional interest
    – Bicultural Preparatory School Program with international accreditation in your area of professional interest.
  • Select, as of the third semester, an area of professional interest.
  • The possibility of completing at UDEM six undergraduate-level courses: two Diploma courses and four preparatory bridging courses.

What CP undergraduate studies areas are offered?

  • Art, Architecture, and Design
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Health