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Scholarships and financial aid

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How do I apply for a scholarship?

Check out the requirements to apply for one of our scholarships.


UDEM Scholarship

If you have an outstanding academic record and verifiable high financial needs, you can apply for an UDEM Scholarship.


Athletic Scholarship

Study at Prepa UDEM and continue to stand out as an athlete!

More information:  
Elizabeth Ramírez
Tel. 81-8215-1335

Other financial aid options

At the Universidad de Monterrey, we accept diverse sources of financing
that Mexican and foreign students can apply for to pursue their university studies.

Volume Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to families who have three or more children enrolled at UDEM in the same term, at the preparatory school and undergraduate degree levels. This scholarship is only awarded to the student with the best academic record and it is not transferable.

  • With three enrolled children, a 20% scholarship is awarded
  • With four enrolled children, a 30% scholarship is awarded

For activation of, and information and restrictions on this scholarship, contact your Prepa UDEM advisor.

Laudex Financing

Credit granted to Mexican students with a grade point average of 70 or higher who do not have any other type of financial support. This credit scheme is totally flexible and gives the family an opportunity to finance part of the tuition corresponding to the last year of preparatory school, based on the family economy.


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