Preparatorias de la Universidad de Monterrey

Ireland is a safe, traditional and conservative country and similarly to Mexico, their society is firmly based on family values. Furthermore, 85% of the Irish identify as Roman Catholic and has some of the youngest populations in Europe. People in this country are known for being one of the friendliest populations.

Ireland's education has first world quality, being a popular destination for young people from all over the world to study. Students who do not belong to the European Union are not allowed to attend public schools, however, the cost is subsidized by 50% to study in private schools, so all the schools offered by the High School program Schools International in Ireland are private.

In addition to all this, the Irish educational system is similar to the Mexican in the sense that they take six to seven subjects for each academic period, ensuring that the academic load that the students will have will be similar to that of the UDEM high school.

There are various schools available throughout Ireland for students to attend. The student can choose the characteristics of the school (if it is mixed, with residence or with a host family) and based on the availability of each program and the subjects that the student needs, a school is assigned. Examples of available schools are:

1. Loreto Dalkey: A private, female-only college located in the city of Dublin.
2. Dundalk Grammar School: Private, mixed school in the city of Dundalk.
3. Sligo Grammar School: Private, mixed school in the city of Sligo.

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