Preparatorias de la Universidad de Monterrey

The Central Québec School Board district is an English-language school board in the province of Québec, Canada. This province is French-speaking and is territorially the largest in Canada with a population that exceeds 8 million inhabitants.

Classes are taught in English, and French is taken as a second language class. Outside the classroom, the student will communicate in French with his friends, school staff and teachers, his community in general. For this reason, the students who participate in this program must have intermediate knowledge of the French language to be able to communicate with the family and in the city. Additionally, students need to have a strong academic commitment since the academic level of these schools is high and nationally recognized.

As additional support, the program offers a French as a Foreign Language course during the first 3 months of the program (after class). In addition, the student has the support of the International Programs area in Central Québec for any situation with the host family, information about the city, what to do, organize activities, etc. The program offers them a trip to New York and Boston and the possibility of organizing others in nearby cities. The school district has a portal to which students and their parents have access to monitor academic performance and grades.

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